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August 6, 2019

Dhul-Hijjah (The Month of Pilgrimage)

Dhu’l-Hijjah is the twelfth and final month in the Islamic calendar. It is a very sacred month in the Islamic calendar, one in which the Hajj […]
October 3, 2018
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Sharing is caring, Share your belongings with others

October 2, 2018
muhmmad, ﷺ

Muhammad ﷺ

September 30, 2018
reciting the holy Quran, quraan

The Quran

September 14, 2018
the five pillars of faith, faith, islam,

the five pillars of faith

September 10, 2018
basic beliefs for a muslim, muslims, islam, muslims beliefs, beliefs

Some Basic Beliefs of faith For a Muslim

July 8, 2018

Hope & Optimism From Allah

May 20, 2018

Iftar to a Fasting Person

May 16, 2018
sehri, iftar

Sehri and Iftar

خیرکم من تعلم القرآن وعلمہ