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Tajweed Course

Tajweed Course

Tajweed literally means “to make well, make better, improve” it refers to the rules governing pronunciation during the recitation of the Quran. This Online Tajweed Course is specially designed for those who have already learned to read Arabic, or have just completed the basic Arabic Alphabets (Qaida) course. In this course, we teach the rules of Quran recitation along with practical implementation while teaching which enables the student to recite the Quran with good pronunciation. If you don’t know the Basic Alphabets or are unable to read the Arabic letters then you should try the “Basic Alphabets (Qaida) Course” first.

					In this Course We learn Tajweed, tone and Qirat while covering the following things.
					☆ The Arabic Alphabets
★ Aswaat.(Sounds)
☆ Shaps of letters
★ Combine letters and joining rules
☆ Harakaat.(Vowel signs)short/long
★ Tanween
☆ Sukoon/Jazm.(Joining rules)
★ Tashdeed/Mushaddat
☆ Qalqalah
★ Madd E Asli
☆ Huroof E Leen
★ Madd Al-Farie
★ Huroof E Muqata'at
					☆ Ahkam E Noon Sakinah & Tanween
★ Izhaar
☆ Ikhfaa
★ Iqlab
☆ Idgham
★ Ahkam E Meem Sakin
☆ Rule of Raa, Laam & Alif
★ Silent Letters
☆ Rasmul Khat
★ Hamzah Wasli
☆ Noon E Qutni
★ Rules of Waqf
☆ Adab of Reading Quran


Tajweed Course: The Importance of Correct Quranic Recitation

The Quran is the holy scripture of Islam, revealed to Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) over a period of 23 years. The recitation of the Quran is an essential aspect of Islamic worship and is considered a means of obtaining blessings from Allah. Tajweed is the set of rules governing the pronunciation of Arabic words, including the correct way of reciting the Quran. In this , we will discuss the importance of learning Tajweed and explore the Online Tajweed courses.

Introduction to Tajweed

Tajweed rules are designed to ensure the accurate and beautiful recitation of the Quran. The word “Tajweed” comes from the Arabic root “Ja-wa-da,” which means “to make better” or “to improve.” Therefore, Tajweed rules aim to enhance the quality of Quranic recitation.

The Importance of Tajweed

The Quran is the most revered text in the Islamic faith, and its recitation is an integral part of worship. The correct recitation of the Quran with Tajweed rules is form of worship that is pleasing to Allah, and its rewards are immense.

Additionally, Tajweed is necessary for the preservation of the Quran. The correct recitation of the Quran helps to prevent misinterpretation or mispronunciation of the verses. By learning Tajweed, you can preserve the Quran’s authenticity and honor the holy scripture’s significance.


Q: What is Tajweed? A: Tajweed is the set of rules governing the pronunciation of Arabic words, including the correct way of reciting the Quran

خیرکم من تعلم القرآن وعلمہ