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Qualified Female Teachers

Qualified Female Quran Teachers

It is essential for all Muslims, regardless of their gender, to gain knowledge of the Holy Quran and the teachings of Islam. To fulfil this obligation, many Muslim brothers and sisters have enrolled in OnlineQuranCourse.com and continuously enrolling. The platform has a strong commitment to addressing the religious needs of Muslim sisters and daughters and has implemented an exceptional system of female Quran Teachers. This initiative aims to facilitate the practical application of Islamic teachings and establish an environment of Islamic values and excellence specifically designed for Muslim Sisters and Daughters. With proficient female Quran Teachers, Muslim sisters can discuss their religious issues with ease and receive Quranic and Islamic education online at their homes and at their convenience.

In creating the exceptional system of female Quran Teachers and guiding the teachers under it, much care has been taken as teaching the Holy Quran and Islam is one of the major responsibilities and teaching it to Muslim sisters is even more responsibility because Muslim sisters take the lead in teaching what they learn.
With due consideration to these factors, OnlineQuranCourse.com places paramount importance on the selection of female Quran teachers. It is imperative that female Quran teachers not only possess religious qualifications but are also well-versed in matters of faith and religious instruction. as well as have good teaching experience in children’s education and also have good experience teaching the Holy Quran online with a strong belief in their critical role in conveying Deen Islam and the words of Allah (SWT) to students. While hiring female Quran teachers, OnlineQuranCourse.com makes sure and takes care that the female Quran teachers are Alimaat (scholars) or Huffaz(Hafizah), have a profound knowledge of Tajweed, have a degree in religious education and have (Ijaza) permission to teach, and can speak our required languages Arabic, English or Urdu and also OnlineQuranCourse.com makes sure that female Quran Teachers have good character as well as tolerant and patient. After ensuring the above matters, Female Quran teachers are recruited, after which they are given thorough training for three months after that practice is conducted and then there is an examination in which after success they are allowed to teach. Even after this, the quality team of our organization continuously guides them to improve and make sure of quality.


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Necessary Teaching Requirements: Female Quran Teachers

After an interview, while selecting the teachers for the three-month special Online-Teaching training, their personality and character are satisfied and the degree and previous teaching experience are verified. As mentioned Islamic teaching is a very important responsibility considering this responsibility Quranic Arabic and Islamic teachers with the above-mentioned qualifications are eligible to apply for online teaching at OnlineQuranCourse.com

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Why to have female Quran Teacher?

Preserving Modesty: Islam prefers Muslim women to learn in environments where they can maintain their modesty without feeling uncomfortable.

Comfortable Learning Environment: Having a female Quran Teacher can create a more comfortable and inclusive learning environment for Muslim sisters and daughters.
Religious Questions: Muslim women may feel more at ease asking questions about religious matters when speaking to a female Quran teacher.
Understanding Female Experiences: Female Quran teachers can better understand the unique experiences and challenges faced by Muslim women, allowing for more relevant guidance.
Cultivating Confidence: Female instructors can help build the confidence of Muslim women in their understanding and practice of the Quran and Islam.

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