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Basic Islamic Course

Basic Islamic Course

Learn Basic Islamic Course, Basic of Islam like Prayers, Dua ’s, Memorization of Sura’s and all necessary Islamic principles:  This course is specially designed for children, adults and new Muslims. Every student will be taught Basic Islamic Education with Basic alphabet (Qaida) and Quran recitation classes, the six Kalmias, Masnoon Duas, the method of Ablution and Bath, Prayer etc, including all necessary Islamic beliefs.
This Course is taught With primer

Generally, this course is taught along with other basic courses such as Basic Qaida, Qur'an with Tajweed and Qur'an with Tarteel.


★ Oneness of God
☆ The Declaration of Faith (Shahada)
★ method of Ablution and Bath
☆ Short Serat of Prophet Muhammad صلی اللہ علی وسلم
★ Prayer (Salah)
☆ Importance of good behavior
★ Masnoon Duas
☆ Fasting (Sawm) & Ramadan
★ Ethics and Moral Code
☆ Short Sorahs
★ Short Ahadith
☆ Respect for parents and elders
خیرکم من تعلم القرآن وعلمہ