Online Quran Courses & Necessary Islamic Courses For Kids and Adults!

Online Quran Courses for kids & adults

Online Quran Course provides best online quran classes which is a fantastic and standard online tutoring academy for both children and adults that teaches the Quran and fundamental Islamic principles. Online Quran Course provides our students with one-on-one (separate) online Quran classes as well as all necessary Islamic education from basic to advanced levels via Skype, delivered by live experts and highly qualified teachers. We share our live screen with students, allowing them to easily see and observe everything we teach and write on the whiteboard to guide them. Our teaching method is very comprehensive and faster than usual, enabling everyone to join us from the comfort of his or her home in any corner of the world. We are available 24/7. Quran online learning will enhance your knowledge. We offer one-week free trial classes in which our teaching method and service can be experienced. We have highly qualified scholars and Hifz teachers (both male and female) and a satisfactory management system. Our Quran learning course is a standard and customized course which will help you to  understand the Quran with its meaning. Let’s see the demo “How It Works.
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The best among you “Muslim” are those who learn Quran and teach it.”Al-Hadith”

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  • Unbelievable Fast Track learning method.
  • Start reading the Holy Quran in 3 months only.
  • Learn online in the comfort of your Home during your preferred time.
  • No need to drive kids out of the home.
  • No shared classes, all classes are one on one.
  • Available in the USA, Canada, UK, and all of Europe as well as many other countries wherever you may be.
  • You only need a Headphone, Internet, and a Computer/Mobile phone to learn.
  • 24 hours online classes.
  • Quality control department.
  • Students test for quality assurance every month.
  • Highly Experienced (Hafiz and Scholar) teachers.
  • LEARN Holy Quran In Three Easy Steps.
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Our Aim

Our aim is to provide Quran and Basic Islamic knowledge to those who are unable to go out to learn it, and to provide a place and environment to those who do not have an Islamic School or Mosque near them, especially parents who want their children to be taught Islamic education at home under their supervision as well as adults who were unable to attain basic Islamic education in their life until now, and now want to learn it (as there is no limit for Islamic knowledge education), and also all those who want to learn more about Islam and have not found a good and satisfying place for learning Quran yet, can try

 To learn the Quran online has become easy now!

Studies We Offer


Learn Quranic Alphabets

Learn Arabic/Quranic Alphabets,

This Course is designed for beginners

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Learn Basic Islamic Belief

Learn the Six Kalimas,
basic beliefs of Islam
This is designed for beginners.

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Masnoon DUA

Learn Daily basis Dua

Learn Masnoon Duas,
These daily basis duas
are taught to beginners

Read More


Learn Holy Quran By Heart

Learn the Holy Quran by heart
this is designed for those
who want to do Hifz ul Quran,



Learn All Masa'il of Wudhu

The teaching of Islam about Wudhu, Bath…
every Muslim must learn these basic teachings


Prayer (Salah)

Learn Prayer With Details

Learn to offer Salah,
prayer is the obligatory religious duty for every Muslim

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Learn the Sunnahs.

Learn Sunnahs/Teaching of Prophet PBUP,

Every Muslim must learn and act upon them


Learn Tajweed

Learn the pronunciation.

Learn the art of recitation with correct 

pronunciation, which is designed for all students.


Learn Tarteel

Learn to read Quran

Learn to read Quran with proper, fluent Tajweed & in“slow, measured rhythmic tones”


Quran Exegesis

Learn Quranic Exegesis

Learn Tafseer of the Quran

(the in-depth explanation of the verses of the Quran).


Islamic Fiqh

Learn Islamic Jurisprudence

Learn to know and understand the order and
commandments of Allah and his Prophet PBUP.



Learn to read Arabic

Learn to read Arabic, this course is
for those who want to learn Arabic.


Why Choose Our Services

About Us

We offer the best Online Quran courses and basic Islamic education. We work in various places with long-lasting connections to teachers around the world. We are a very responsible academy. Our method of teaching is professional, and we offer a variety of Quran courses to cater to the diverse needs of our students. Our courses are designed to offer a convenient way for individuals to learn about the teachings of the Quran. We use modern technology to enhance the learning experience, including video conferencing and screen sharing software. Our online classroom provides a safe and comfortable environment for students to learn and interact with their instructors. Learn online Quran with us to get the professional support you need. We specialize in providing best Quran classes online so Check out our Quran courses online to get more information.

خیرکم من تعلم القرآن وعلمہ