ghunnah " a nasal sound,hiding the voice of meem or noon into the nose "


Ghunnah:  is pronounced from the nostrils, in other words hiding the voice of Meem or Noon completely into the nose for a while is called Ghunnah, it can be done in Meem Mushaddad or Noon Mushaddad, this will always be heavy and complete Ghun’nah, (stronger than in Ikhfaa) ,  the “n” of Noon Sakin and Tanveen will also be pronounced from the nostrils,  sometimes it will be pronounced incompletely (in other words it will be pronounced but to a lesser degree) which is known as Ikhfaa. Ikhfaa is like an incomplete Ghun’nah, Learn more about Ikhfaa (incomplete Ghunnah). ghunnah

Tashdeed/Shaddah and Mushaddad Tashdeed/Shaddah is شدہ/تشديد  (emphasis”) is one of the diacritics used with the Arabic alphabet, Mushaddad is the letter which has the Tashdeed/Shaddah sign, when a letter has shaddah/Tashdeed Sign the letter becomes Mushaddad and Mushaddad letter is pronounced twice with emphasis/force. jeem mushaddad,ghunnah

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خیرکم من تعلم القرآن وعلمہ